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» We provide range of ERP Post-Implementation Audit services
ERP applications and/or business process audits
Systems and/or compliance audits
ROI audits
Apply methodologies, tools, and practices consistent with guidelines & standards established by Information Systems Audit & Control Association
Assemble audit teams with the right resources – ERP technical team members, ERP business team members, internal audit staff, applications experts, ERP implementation experts, experienced systems auditors
» Our audit approach focuses efforts on business projects rather than IT/ERP projects
Resistance to audits arises from traditional punitive nature which our approach avoids
Success or failure is always due to factors extending well beyond IT organization
Our methodology focuses on corrective action & continuous improvement
ADS Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) Program
ADS Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) Program, verifies that the appropriate processes have been adhered to and validates that the resulting product or service complies with the customer’s requirements. Our IV&V provides an objective assessment of software products and process throughout the ERP Implementation lifecycle and an objective assessment to ensure requirements (such as system and software) are correct, complete, accurate, consistent, and testable. Our Independent Verification and Validation also provides early detection of software errors, management insight into process and product risk, and objective evidence of compliance or non-compliance) with program performance, schedule and budget requirements.

We have designed Our IV&V Program that may take place at various levels including; Project Level, Program Level, Division or Enterprise Level, and Corporate or Agency Level. The implementation of Independent Verification & Validation is done by deciding what is the coverage needed, generating and IV&V Plan, executing the IV&V plan, and providing feedback on IV&V results.

ADS IV&V Services: Our Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V) services span through the complete product life-cycle, primarily focusing on formulating test plans, test strategy documents, execution, defect analysis, defect tracking and risk assessment. Our IV&V team works along with the development teams to understand and validate requirements and develop a high level test strategy document. Some of our key considerations while providing Verification & Validation services are: Selection of the best testing strategy and building a mapping test plan Appropriate use of tools & automation expertise to ensure that testing productivity is increased Set up and maintain test environments which are used for executing various product testing activities.
Hosting/Managed Services
We have designed our hosting/managed services program such a way that our clients can focus on running their core business. Here are the few benefits that our clients are guaranteed by utilizing our managed services program.
» Sharpening their focus on strategic goals
» Better managing operating costs
» Filling gaps in technical expertise
» Boosting system performance
» Elevating levels of end-user support
We design each customer solution to optimize their unique operating environment.

Our solid credentials allow us to offer a well-rounded group of outsourcing services, including:
» Enterprise Application Management:
Depending on the customer's situation, we can manage their ERP application and related software, or the entire IT environment.
» Managed Services:
Our managed hosting addresses the typical IT concerns companies confront and provides a strategically sound, economical solution. We leverage our state-of-art Managed Services Operation Center (MSOC) and technical experts to proactively manage and maintain your ERP Systems. As a result, you can focus on the strategic initiatives that better serve your organizations and its customers.
» Remote Managed Services:
We have a repository of best practices to serve thousands of users globally, we’re able to provide ERP Application and Database Administration, operating systems and network administration, and provide 24/7 support remotely. ADS Managed Services Operations Center (MSOC) initiates all projects with 2 x TI/E1 Leased circuits from 2 separate service providers for redundancy with the option of increasing bandwidth in multiple if increased performance or i/o is required. Our dynamic security for the client’s networks is a combination of enterprise routers and secure remote access for enterprise of a unified treat management [UTM] with deep packet inspection, firewall protection, intrusion detection and prevention, gateway Anti-virus and Spy-ware, enterprise scale SSL Virtual Private Network[VPN]. Our switching is based on high speed 10/100/1000 with 10 Gig option managed Layer 3 and 4.
» IT Infrastructure Services:
Our scalable environment coupled with shared technology infrastructure, Our Operation Centers features industrial grade environmental systems to minimize external risks. Additionally, we guarantee system availability at levels among the highest in the industry.
» Managed Security Services:
include a full range of monitoring and management services for reliable, consistent protection:
» Real-time 24x7 event monitoring
» Security device management
» Vulnerability management
» Patch Management
» Incident investigation, response, and recovery
» Event correlation
» Compliance reporting
Operations and Maintenance
ADS ERP Operations & Maintenance activities include:
» Preventive maintenance
These are regularly scheduled tasks that must be performed to keep the system functioning properly.
» Emergency maintenance
These are tasks that must be performed immediately. For example, if a software bug is discovered that has potentially damaging effects to the business, then that bug needs to be fixed as soon as possible, even if it may affect regularly scheduled operations.
» Software updates
Constantly fix bugs, implement new best practices and incorporate the feedback of customers in their software.
» Our Maintenance activities include testing in a non
production instance of the ERP system to minimize the chance of a problem to the live system. When emergency maintenance is required, our project team will carefully ascertain the urgency of the situation and balance it against the impact to the business. In many cases, the potential for longer-term damage to the business outweighs, the maintenance is performed as quickly as possible.
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