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ADS’s ERP Implementation Practice offers you state of the art functional and technical expertise that enables you to eliminate the guesswork associated with traditional ERP Implementations.

We have extensive experience in managing ERP implementations across a wide range of industries. We enable clients to realize their vision of implementing packaged applications as close to “Out of the box” as possible. We achieve this using a structured approach that includes;
» Formal Requirement Gathering
» Functional Analysis
» Fit Gap Assessment
» Master Data Management
» Data Migration Automation
» Conference Room Pilots
» Deployment/Rollout Planning
» Cutover Planning and Execution
The challenge most ERP implementation teams face is the uncertainty associated with the cost and timeline of the project. What contributes to this uncertainty is the lack of expertise of the functional capabilities of the packaged application. We address this risk by hiring and retaining the “best” in the business. Our team of implementation specialists has a deep understanding of the capabilities of packaged application and is able to leverage this understanding to deliver you the optimal solution for your business.
With our ERP Implementation services, you can:
» Achieve higher chances of success
» Reduce cost and timeline uncertainties
» Tap into over 250+ years of combined packaged implementation expertise
» Optimize your technology investment.
Project and Implementation Planning
Here are the several activities we perform before implementing an ERP system.
» Study Organization’s needs
» Recruit end user involvement
» Assemble project team
» Select software and approach
» Recommend modules and options
» Pre-implementation training
» Install ERP System
» Configure System
» Convert data and test
» Maintain System
Configuration Management
Configuration Management in ERP includes developing new ways to maintain reliability in software and information systems performance.

At ADS we follow several vital stages in achieving successful results. The most vital step we take in managing ERP in configuration management entails developing a system that both managers and employees can adhere to for best results. After development, management is encouraged to edit and revise the system for errors or glitches that may occur. Our next step involves testing the system among management followed by construction and detailing the final outcome. Finally, training employees on the new system will ensure work is done effectively.
» Training
One of the most vital aspects we follow in managing ERP in configuration management is to successfully train employees on fully understanding and correctly using the system. We encourage client management to clearly explain what is expected of employees and clarify any misunderstandings if necessary. Other important aspects we take during training include corroborating technical configuration and design and consistently evaluating performance.
» Protocol
We define a detailed business process master list (BPML). Our BPMLs clearly explains business processes and transactions using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. This is critical to our client’s success. Management teams use BPML to illustrate organizational responsibilities and document coverage in real situations and training scenarios. Security profiles are also developed for each member in the work team.
» Implementation
We give utmost importance that business duties and goals are efficiently implemented. The first involves configuring the system itself, while the other involves configuring the system that is combined with other components. Once each system has been mastered, they can be used interchangeably.
» Execution
Finally, we divide new projects into subprojects and clearly define the goal for each one. We split up projects among members and ensure they have precise knowledge on its details. Encourage them to identify and implement ERP in these projects along with operational procedures. We keep a close eye on each member as they perform new tasks and correct any mistakes if necessary.
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