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ERP Services
  Be design specification and mapping
  Requirements Management
  Business Process re-alignment / Optimization / Reengineering
  Vendor Market Analysis
  RFP and RFI Services
  Acquisition Support
  Business Case Analysis with ROI and TCO
  Program Management Office
  Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V)
  Enterprise Architecture Feasibility
  Enterprise Security Assessment
  ERP System Selection
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Acquisition Support
» Develop targeted ERP acquisition strategy
Aligned with business case
Aligned with market trends
» Develop evaluation criteria and weightings based on business priorities
» Write Request for Proposals
» Conduct vendor demonstrations
Manage demonstration logistics
Develop demonstration scenarios
Develop demonstration scoring guidelines
Conduct & evaluate vendor demonstrations
» Assist with proposal evaluations
Business Case Analysis with ROI and TCO
Provide customized ROI analysis to support front-end ERP investment decisions & project planning through adaptation of ADS ROI model
Provide independent, objective assessment of hard & soft benefit prospects
Support development of realistic project performance goals & objectives
Align business/technology optimization priorities with ROI prospects
Establish key prerequisites for project success (i.e., realization of ROI potential)
Provide input for performance metrics development
» Provide post-implementation ROI analysis for ERP projects
Document planned-to-actual benefit realization
Modify & enhance customized ROI model
Assess compliance with project goals, priorities
Target correction actions to enhance future ROI results
Program Management Office
» Establish ERP Program Management Office
Ideally prior to program initiation but can be done at a later point in the project life cycle
Establish client-specific PMO scope
Recommend PMO structures, guiding principles, resources, toolsets, and ERP management best practices, etc.
Assess existing ERP Program Management Office
For clients that possess resources & experience to own & operate ERP PMO
Our team will assess alignment, scope, management & oversight structure, policies & practices, resources, toolsets, etc, and provide recommendations as appropriate
» Provide Program Management Support
Set up, staff & provide onsite operational PMO support to designated client PM (e.g., manage scope, prepare plans, provide project oversight, monitor project health, evaluate deliverables)
Provide ad hoc project management-related activities (e.g., validate requirements, review implementer deliverables, prepare risk management plan)
Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V)
» Proven IV&V approach tailored to customer environment
Proven methodology, procedures, tools, and metrics
Incorporates industry-standard software engineering & project management standards
» Perform risk assessments & cost/benefit analyses
» Assess application design to ensure requirements are fully satisfied
Assess requirements management processes to ensure user requirements are fully captured
Validate requirements against user needs; Perform gap analysis and trade-off analysis
» Perform IV&V ongoing testing during prototype, build, and integration of each application/module
» Perform system acceptance testing
Ensure system works consistently
Validate delivered functionality satisfies defined user requirements
Validate system integration needs fully satisfied; Validate documentation meets expectations
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