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Strategic Consulting

At ADS, we provide thought leadership, unbiased partnership, and deep industry knowledge. Powered by our highly-knowledgeable and experienced team, we help federal agencies and commercial companies address mission-critical priorities to achieve stronger business outcomes in a digital world.

What We Do

Diagnose and Determine

We diagnose the issues the company is facing (internally and externally) by focusing on the right questions and collect data upon which to base judgements; coming to evidence-based conclusions about what to do next. We perform strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analyses, critical success factor analyses, strategic business planning, strategic information systems planning, electronic government assessments, and other techniques used to establish strategic information technology plans.

Analyze and Evaluate

We analyze customer and client demand for IT-enabled services and develop IT strategic plans that align agency business and technology plans with state/federal business technology and goals and objectives; and evaluate current and emerging technologies and assist agencies with planning the tactical and strategic migration of business services to these technologies.

Strategize and Plan

We assist with agency-level strategic planning for IT to ensure consistency with enterprise level plans and initiatives.

Develop and Program

We develop long-range IT plans, IT-enabled business plans, and program effectiveness measures related to proposed IT investments.


We help our clients discover a way to define the playing field (market) and outperform competitors (win) while significantly improving the lives of its customers by:

  • conducting research to generate all credible choices and options;
  • demonstrating quantitatively their benefits and trade-offs;
  • performing required scenario analysis or sensitivity analysis;
  • recommending a solution with a clear path for implementation.

Case Studies

Large American investment management firm

Large American investment management firm

Our research analysts & developers designed a tool for portfolio managers that determines the small- and mid-cap

Global Bio-Pharmaceutical Company

Global Bio-Pharmaceutical Company

We conducted an External Network Security Audit that included a variety of hacker type tools and techniques that iden