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Operations and Maintenance

Sound operations and maintenance is key to extending the life expectancy of any facility. At Advance Digital Systems (ADS), we help our clients maximize the life of their facilities by addressing the areas that are critical to successful long-term maintenance and provide a clear understanding of the capital expenditures necessary to achieve your goals.

What We Do

Ongoing Quality Management

We build fundamental strategies around agile methodology and ongoing quality management at every level.

Capture and Address

We ensure that users’ needs and feedback are captured and addressed throughout the development cycle — whether we’re delivering a piece of software, or helping to develop and implement a system-wide modernization effort.

Confirm and Develop

For enhancements, we work with you to confirm requirements and develop them so that they fit in seamlessly with your production.

Reliability and Performance

We continuously ensure that your investments perform reliably and meet your users’ requirements.


ADS’ Operations & Maintenance (O&M) services make sure your existing systems and applications keep firing on all cylinders. We do this by:

  • Making sure your investments continue to perform reliably and meet your users’ requirements.
  • Delivering our O&M services using processes, technology, and methodologies that you have already identified and implemented.

Case Studies

Large Global Auto Manufacturer

Large Global Auto Manufacturer

We are responsible for the day-to-day projects including the overall information architecture design across multiple

Transportation agency

Transportation agency

We are building a Web-based GIS System that provides an automated route guidance to the haulers’, utilizing Routable