Quality Assurance 

ADS has the ability to forecast possible challenges. Our Quality Assurance approach emphasize on one main aspect; customer satisfaction.  We achieve that by extensive testing of system’s compliance against the requirements. Built into our Quantitative Project Management process is a comprehensive testing framework (unit testing and integration testing), continuous monitoring of trends and out of tolerance conditions of the project metrics, and root-cause analysis of the issue.

Our Principals 

We follow a rigorous testing strategy emphasizing the full test coverage of all applicable functionality that includes the following criteria

Quality incorporated at every stage of the RUP/Agile

Code Quality and Standards Adherence including Section 508 compliance

Business users involved early in the process

Enterprise architecture modeling and analysis

Best practices and innovations applied in developing test cases and scenarios based on “real-life”

Collaboration, articulating the requirements clearly, very early in the process

Test Quality and Test Coverage

Business- and architecture-driven solution analysis and design

Improving productivity, by measurable entry and exit criteria established for each phase of testing

Clear success or failure at each state

Documented Test Results and code review metrics

Issue resolution with proposed Plan of Action & Milestones

Multiple, iterative, phases, and levels of testing executed

Inclusion of security testing as required

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