Strategic Consulting

At ADS, we provide thought leadership, unbiased partnership, and deep industry knowledge. We work with an executive team to align the company to be effective. This breaks down into many smaller pieces, including correctly diagnosing the issues the company is facing (internally and externally), focusing on the right questions, collecting data upon which to base judgements; and coming to evidence-based conclusions about what to do next

Our Experience 

We will help our clients discover a way to define the playing field (market) and outperform competitors (win) while significantly improving the lives of its customers

At a large American investment management firm focused on asset management that provides the institutional and individual investors a variety of traditional and alternative equity strategies, our Research Analysts & Developers designed a tool for Portfolio Managers that determines the small- and mid-cap stocks volatility, based on special risks. In the interest of making analysis be fast, accurate and easy to use, our tool provides analytic simulation models for simpler situations, as well as detailed discrete-event simulation models for more complex situations.

For a global bio-pharmaceutical company, we conducted an IT Security Audit to protect its sensitive information against hackers and other Internet threats. The management was concerned about compliance related issues and wanted assurance its systems were protected against external threats. We conducted an External Network Security Audit that included a variety of hacker type tools and techniques that identified and evaluated the external risks of Firewall – reviewed and analyzed configuration; External penetration – evaluated vulnerabilities; Social engineering – determined employee risks; Phishing – used fake e-mails and USB devices; False web sites – determined risks; Policies – evaluated security related policies.

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