Software Application Development 

ADS is a right fit for your enterprise application development. We believe a good technology partner should be able to adapt to the client’s business needs. Our unique approach to engagement management, utilizing our scalable delivery methodology, ensures we are capable of doing just that for your custom application projects. With onsite and onshore resources and a consultant roster full of talented project managers, business analysts, architects, developers, UI designers & quality assurance experts, we can be your technology partner.

Our Application Development and Management (ADM) services provide a flexible, high performance and cost effective delivery model for full life cycle application management – from strategy and custom application development to ongoing application maintenance and support.

Our Experience 


For a large Global Auto Manufacturer, we are responsible for the day-to-day projects including the overall information architecture design across multiple systems. We are providing technical design, monitoring project progress and productivity with metrics, coordinating with multi-functional teams, by reducing the dependency. The development teams are providing implementation support for the design, implementation and administration of an envisioned solution, in an iterative and incremental software development lifecycle, performing the modifications, and updates. We are conducting an exhaustive requirements gathering process and analyzing them to define the testing and automation services, to support the business case development, architecture development and implementation.

For a Transportation agency, that issues over 5,000 Oversize Overweight (OSOW) Hauling Permits per month, we are building a Web-based GIS System that provides an automated route guidance to the haulers’, utilizing Routable Centerline Data, performing weight and length constraints as part of Bridge Analysis, and Barrier Restrictions that impacts the generated routes. As part of Phase II, we will provide a Mobile app support across Mac, Android, and Windows based mobile phones and handheld devices.

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