Quality Assurance 

ADS has the ability to forecast possible challenges. Our Quality Assurance approach emphasize on one main aspect; customer satisfaction.  We achieve that by extensive testing of system’s compliance against the requirements. Built into our Quantitative Project Management process is a comprehensive testing framework (unit testing and integration testing), continuous monitoring of trends and out of tolerance conditions of the project metrics, and root-cause analysis of the issue.

Our Experience 

We follow a rigorous testing strategy emphasizing the full test coverage of all applicable functionality that includes the following criteria

For a global banking institution, we provided end-to-end big data testing combined with accelerators to detect unusual and any illegal transactions for their fully implemented financial application. We proposed a customized solution that also processed data from all their partner and affiliate institutions. Our comprehensive solution resulted in achieving, reconciliation occurs to ensure all data has been transferred without errors; comparing the query output against the output against the output provided by ETL tool jobs; check if the records are transformed according to the requirements; yielding a cumulative productivity improvement over 29%.

For a major shipping corporation, needed to establish a quality assurance (QA) structure that meets current industry standards, as they didn’t have any structured software development life cycle and formal product lifecycle management,  In addition, there was no proper documentation and defect tracking mechanism. We implemented the new QA process for one complete software development life cycle, by developing use cases and mapped them to test cases. We measured the testing coverage provided by this mapping and detailed our findings in a report at the end of each testing cycle. We successfully executed hundreds of test cases and found over hundred critical errors. Client achieved the benefits to include, the quality of the product has improved with thorough a QA process and wider coverage of testing areas and successfully established a Quality Assurance practice exceeding industry norm.

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