Operations and Maintenance

ADS’ Operations & Maintenance (O&M) services make sure your existing systems and applications keep firing on all cylinders. Our expertise from legacy systems to web-based applications assure you have a committed partner making your investments continue to perform reliably and meet your users’ requirements. We deliver our O&M services using processes, technology, and methodologies that you have already identified and implemented. For enhancements, we work with you to confirm requirements and develop them so that they fit in seamlessly with your production.

Our philosophy is in building fundamental strategies around agile methodology and ongoing quality management at every level. This approach helps us ensure that users’ needs and feedback are captured and addressed throughout the development cycle — whether we’re delivering a piece of software, or helping to develop and implement a system-wide modernization effort.

Our Experience 

To help our clients succeed, we stay on the leading edge of emerging technology, helping us in evaluating the operational system’s technology with emerging technology, and assist them in facilitating their interactions than in promoting any particular process or tool. As a result, we believe we can create solutions that deliver value faster, and in smaller, more useful deliverables, to the people within our clients’ organizations and their various stakeholders.

For a Federal Human Resources Management office, we provided enterprise-wide operations & maintenance support to their IT Infrastructure consisting of Oracle’s Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA) using Oracle 11g Real Application Clusters (RAC), Automated Storage Manager (ASM), Oracle Data Guard, Flashback Database, RMAN and Oracle Grid Control. We performed monitoring, maintenance, backup, log analysis, and recovery testing for servers and applications; provided troubleshooting, operations, maintenance, administration, application, network, migration, and database support for 83 applications created by 14 separate contracting companies using 26 separate Oracle instances.

For a reputed Healthcare provider’s Translation Research Institute, as part of their integrated laboratories research biospecimen banking facility – we provided O&M and customization support for the system that uses genetic information of a patient. We provided development and operational support, in building a knowledge platform that is used to classify and interpret raw genetic data to generate a meaningful report. As a DevOps team responsible for building the knowledge platform, we were responsible for the release of multiple versions of the system, and providing operational support to the healthcare and biomedical teams within the organization.

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