Mobile and Cloud Computing

ADS helps you transform your IT through the cloud, by providing you professional services, allowing you to focus your valuable time on your business. At ADS, we will utilize the infinite computing resources on cloud, creating a new cloud-computing platform, whereby cloud performs the heavy lifting of computing-intensive tasks and storing massive amounts of data.

Our Experience 

We offer a wide range of consulting services to enable rapid and successful cloud adoption, from cloud strategy to cloud transformation and cloud optimization services.

For an Insurance Sector, utilizing Microsoft SharePoint, we created a Program Portfolio Framework related to IT investments aligning with their organizational strategies. Our approach involved working in close coordination with the user-base and develop and maintain content, libraries, and lists, facilitated user groups and integrated project teams for the planning, creation, configuration, customization, checks, and remedy of issues related to SharePoint Sites and Users requirements. As part of the SharePoint Administration, we built templates, documents, and checklists, and while hosting the Microsoft Project Server, we built portfolio reporting & governance at enterprise level in a centralized environment hosted on Microsoft SharePoint Server.

For a major banking conglomerate, we managed updates to SharePoint and websites, providing secured files staging area, and instructions to bank’s administration staff. We migrated interface files to use a new secure transport solution for user interface uploads, improving search capabilities of the OCFO’s resource library by integrating the bank’s custom Document Management System into a SharePoint 2016 document management solution and their SharePoint hosting solution. We transformed all their home-grown COTS Library solution to SharePoint 2016 environment, incorporating Microsoft Active Directory (AD) functions, creating a single sign-on for intranet user.

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