We seek to innovate in a way that minimizes the gap between our offerings and clients’ need, by actively listening, analyzing, and always remaining objective in our solution design. We have made our innovation an intuitive ground-up process. As part of our design thinking process, we empathize with the user, build creative confidence, and look beyond stated challenge to uncover hidden problems. This innovation framework has fit neatly into our delivery fabric and is a guiding principle in all our engagement

Our Principles

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Our Principles 

Look, learn and improve: Scale innovations with best practices and next practices garnered from projects across industries


Make ‘what’ improvements: Ask what more, within the engagement, to bring more value to the project


Seek out ‘how’ improvements: Look for a more efficient ways to do things in every ongoing project

Business Value

Clearly articulate business value: Help users to see the value of each improvement and innovation quantitatively, and substantively


Disseminate knowledge: Share information about the improvements achieved so others may be guided by the experience.

About Us

Advance Digital Systems (ADS), is a seasoned and qualified provider of IT services and solutions to clients in the government and commercial sector. We are a Washington Metropolitan based IT Services firm. Our business focus for a decade now has been to specialize in supporting Federal, State, & Local Agencies, and Corporate Client needs with a broad range of products & services, characterized by unique qualifications, experience, and reach back capabilities. This is exemplified in projects with agencies such as the Federal Reserve Board, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), Health and Human Services (HHS), US House of Representatives, State of Maryland, Larimer County and several other Federal, State & Local agencies.

This seasoned experience enhances our quality solution, allowing for innovation and experiential substance to assist client’s Information Services in successfully completing their mission for the best in safe, reliable, cost-effective and responsive services. As minority owned small business, we guarantee our full commitment to success. We provide expertise in Information Technology, Geospatial, Cloud Advisory, and Business Consulting services.

We have a multi-disciplinary team of over 300 technical experts; business analysts; regulatory specialist; project and program management consultants; and information management and information technology (IM/IT) and geospatial professionals. We provide low total cost of ownership solutions to our clients, for them to re-direct their resources to enhance mission performance and success.





Contract Number: N00178-15-D-8062

Customers: Naval Surface Welfare Center, Dahlgren Division

Contract POP: 05-April-2015 to 04-April-2019

Program Ceiling: $52 Billion (including award term option)

Available Order Types: CPFF, FFP

Customer Point of Contact: Ash Kapur – 703-383-0808 Ext 1001

Advance Digital Systems Seaport-e Email address:


Our History

We are a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise founded in 2004 and is incorporated in the State of Virginia, and one of the fastest growing small businesses in the Washington DC metropolitan region with a corporate focus on the Federal and commercial customers in designing, developing and implementing enterprise class computer systems.

We deliver results with excellence and consistency, a fact, which is shared by every client that we have provided solutions for, serviced or counseled since inception of our company.

We have broad and deep IT expertise, domain knowledge of large Federal and Commercial agencies, and Contract Support Engineering skills to leverage our IT capabilities. The combined management & technology experience of our management team totals over 120 years and has proven to be essential to our client’s success.

We have a record of accomplishing tasks involving the design, development, re-engineering and implementation providing reliable IT solutions.

We focus on speed of execution, overall responsiveness to changing project demands, and in general, exceeding our customers’ expectations. Our broad range of solutions and delivery options means our customers get unprecedented flexibility in how and where the solution is delivered. A significant portion of our revenues are from repeat/referral customers, a metric we’re very proud of.

We operate our business with a “customer for life” attitude, giving our customers exactly what they need, when they need it, and being proactive about their upcoming needs. We give them experienced customer-facing teams, as well as access to our senior leadership team. We are proactive about customer relationship management.

We have qualified staff specialized in over 30 specialized fields, and more than 70 percent of our staff hold advanced degrees, and expertise include project management to systems engineering.

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