Information Assurance & Information Security

Information Assurance requires expertise uncommon to most information technology professionals. At ADS, we have expertise in providing a strong information security policies serving as a foundation of an effective and efficient information security program. Our expertise in defining Information Security policies assures organizations can focus on their core competencies, than spending countless hours and significant financial resources implementing technologies to solve an information or process problems.

We work with our clients in identifying the organization’s business goals and objectives, regulatory mandates, and IT environment in order to develop customized information security policies. Our collaborative and iterative approach, help our clients to achieve corporate-wide support for policy requirements, which significantly increases the effectiveness of their information security policies.

Our Principals 

Our capability offers various Information Assurance and Information Security Engineering and Management services to meet the security needs

Information Assurance and Information Security

Organizational Security Assessments (Policy, Procedure and Standards

Network Profiling and IT Audit review for external and internal threats

Vulnerability Scans to establish configuration management baselines

Security Program Development and Governance

Security Certification and Accreditation (C&A)

Software Change Management Consulting

Maturity and Compliance Reporting

Penetration Testing

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