Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)

ADS’ comprehensive IV&V approach emphasizes on mitigating program risks, reduce time and cost over runs, and improve quality of the solution, helping organizations transforming challenges to programmatic effectiveness.

Our primary IV&V goal is to provide a rigorous independent process that evaluates the correctness and quality of the delivered product, ensuring it is developed in accordance with the quality guidelines, is well-engineered, and is meeting your standards.  Our evaluation includes functional, technical, and programmatic assessments that covers all aspects of a program – because all are vital to be successful.  We empower our clients with early insight into process deficiencies and system defects so managers can make timely and informed decisions.

As part of risk mitigation, we work directly with project teams to evaluate the quality level of every deliverable and process. Our planning, review process, and agreed criteria defines the expectations of desired quality of work. We involve the Program Management continuously, and regularly provide key findings and recommendations generated by our assessments, and corrective actions taken to stay on track. This is coupled with check points along the way, keeping an open and objective communication with project teams and Program Management for a quicker decision-making.

Our Principals 

Following are the benefits from our capabilities

Increased quality with more time focused on content with IV&V quality assurance

Less re-work and time savings with errors/improvements found earlier in the cycle

Reduced overall cost and schedule delays by uncovering issues and risks early

Promote a quality project culture with consistent practices and standards

Reduced emotional dialog when evaluation is independent and follows agreed criteria

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