Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)

ADS’ comprehensive IV&V approach emphasizes on mitigating program risks, reduce time and cost overruns, and improve the quality of the solution, helping organizations transforming challenges to programmatic effectiveness.

Our primary IV&V goal is to provide a rigorous independent process that evaluates the correctness and quality of the delivered product, ensuring it is developed in accordance with the quality guidelines, is well-engineered, and is meeting your standards.  Our evaluation includes functional, technical, and programmatic assessments that cover all aspects of a program – because all are vital to be successful.  We empower our clients with early insight into process deficiencies and system defects so managers can make timely and informed decisions.

As part of risk mitigation, we work directly with project teams to evaluate the quality level of every deliverable and process. Our planning, review process and agreed criteria define the expectations of desired quality of work. We involve the Program Management continuously, and regularly provide key findings and recommendations generated by our assessments, and corrective actions taken to stay on track. This is coupled with checkpoints along the way, keeping an open and objective communication with project teams and Program Management for a quicker decision-making.

Our Experience 


For a State Court System, we conducted a comprehensive Verification & Validation process of a PeopleSoft’s Financials and Supply Chain Management implementation, in the areas of invoicing, procure to pay, accounts payable, billing and similar business processes. PeopleSoft FSCM solution replaced the current central and distributed software systems that used QuickBooks, manual spreadsheets, and FoxPro, while integrating the eGrantsPlus and JobAps software with PeopleSoft FSCM. Our comprehensive IV& provided a detailed, structured reports of positive and negative findings, deficiencies, root cause analysis, identification of the root causes and associated effects along with recommended solutions for correction and prevention of reoccurrence, and a a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) for each of the findings & deficiences.

For a reputed Medical Diagnostics Laboratory, we performed a thorough research and analysis of their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Suite Upgrade project, reviewed project artifacts utilized from the project. Our responsibilities include independent research, stakeholder interview, and the review and analysis of project files and documentation. Our approach was based on Oracle Unified Methodology (OUM) and adapted to review and evaluate the processes as opposed to modules independently. We provided detailed, structured reports of positive and negative findings within the review areas related to their project objectives to the laboratory’s stakeholders. Our findings includes, root cause analysis which include identification of the root causes and associated effects along with recommended solutions for corrective and prevention of reoccurrence.

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