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ADS provides insight to your business needs. We are a professional services and technology solutions provider for services within Business Intelligence (BI) – structured data warehouse/ data marts and Big Data. We have successfully delivered projects for organizations in both the commercial and government sectors. We have significant experience in providing Information Technology solutions and services to clients in various domains.

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As part of the Data Management Project initiative for a State’s Labor Department (SLD), we design and implementing a necessary business intelligence system for transmitting/receiving, transforming, validating, verifying, reclaiming, cleansing, and storing of data of active plan members facilitating enhancements to their benefits-related services. These systems include an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Enterprise Data Quality (EDQ) system, and Master Data Management (MDM) system

For a State’s Judiciary System, we are providing Data Management software solution to consolidate, display, report, and monitor pertinent characteristics of the agency. Currently, this judicial agency collects data from numerous data sources in the Department. The data is organized and analyzed using a variety of sources, some are proprietary, custom-developed solutions and others are standard database programs, such as MS Excel and MS Access. We devised an effective solution that will act as a single solution that can be used by agency staff. We thoroughly reviewed their scope of work and crafted a Data Management solution that integrates the different data sources currently used, offers the simplest yet robust graphical user interface, provides an easy to read and simple user dashboard, and provides detailed data reports. The system should allow agency to create monthly Council reports, future NTD reports, and annual reports for its Short Range Transit Plan (SRTP).

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